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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hear The Wind Blow (a novel of the civil war) by Mary Downing Hahn

On a very cold and snowy night Haswell Magruder makes a decision that will affect all the people in his life. He decides to befriend a wounded confederate soldier who suddenly appears. Even though his mother does not want the soldier to be there Haswell, takes the soldier to the barn to find refuge out of the cold. He then convinces his mother that they should help the man to recover. They are very worried about what wil happen if the Yankee soldiers find out they have taken him in.

The man is starting to recover when the Yankee soldiers arrive find that they have been harbouring the confederate soldier. The Yankee's chase down the confederate soldier who tries to get away, they kill the confederate soldier then return to the farm. The Yankee soldiers hang the confederate soldier to use for an example to others. While Haswell, his sister and his mother are hiding, Yankee soldiers burn the farm and everything with it.

Because of what happened to the farm Haswell's mother becomes ill and dies. Now Haswell is the head of the family even though he is just thirteen. He decides that they must travel several day's to their grandmother's house so that his sister will have a roof over her head. Once he has brought his sister to saftey, Haswell sets out to find his older brother who has gone to war. His journey is not an easy one and along the way he meets many danderous situations which he learns to handle. He finally finds his brother in a makeshift hospital and convinces him to come home. In time they return to their farm and begin again.

Hear the Wind Blow is a such a good story. Very much a Confederate view of how it was in Virginia just preceeding and following Lee's surrender to Grant.
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