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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hattie on Her Way by Clara Gillow Clark

When Hattie's father decides to leave her at her grandmothers for an unspecified amout of time, she is uncertain what she will do in Kingston on the Hudson. Being a very practical girl she decides to just make the best of things because her stay is not going to be forever. Grandmother was not what Hattie expected. It turns out Hattie was quite different than what grandmother had wanted. Now that they were forced together it was quite an adjustment for both of them. The cook Rose was very suspicious and felt that Hattie could not be trusted.She was always watching Hattie waiting for her to make a mistake.

Hattie chances to meet the girl next door whose name is Ivy Victoria (after the Queen of England) Blackmore Vandemeer. She is not like anyone that Hattie has ever met and she has an ulterior motive in trying to become friendly with Hattie. Hattie trys to keep the upper hand by telling Ivy she is a "real live injun" all the while she is thinking that she might just like to scalp all those yellow curls.

Hattie trys very hard to fit in and do everything that grandmother wants but it is hard. When Hattie's mother died it was hard for her to accept and Hattie wants to talk to her grandmother about that. Over time Hattie and her granmother do come to understand each other and appreciate their differences. When Hattie's father finally comes for her she decides she will stay for awhile with her grandmother who needs her.

( A previous book about Hattie "Hill Hawk Hattie")

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