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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Are you ready...

... for Harry!!??
I have to admit that I am so looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I plan to be at the Library Saturday morning at precisely 9:30 am, to pick up the copy I have on reserve.

How about you? Will any of you be in the lines at local bookstores at midnight Friday? Are you planning to attend one of the many Potter Book Parties being held at libraries and bookstores all over the country? Use the "Comment" link to let us know how you are getting ready for Harry.

I will post a review just as soon as I finish the book (all 652 pages!), but I'm not a fast reader. If another Blogger Book Club member finishes before I away! We can compare notes.

I was supposed to get my book at midnight, but I ended up getting it at 11:55... the bookstore's computer clock was fast! :)
Hey, good for you!
I have to tell you my dilemma...I ordered lots of copies of the book for the Roselle Library. They came in 3 days early so we could catalog them and put the call number stickers on, etc.
I wanted soooo badly to just take one home and just read a little bit...not much, just a little bit...
It was hard to resist, but I managed. Of course it helped that I knew I would be getting one of the first copies on Saturday morning.
Did you like the book?
Yeah, I liked it. (Yes, I am 'anonymous'. I wrote that before I got registered :)) I think the anticipation was more enjoyable then the actual book. I was sorta dissapointed with it...the death seemed completly pointless, for one thing. And I cried for ages. Waaay too much, er, snogging, plus the mystery (the part I liked about the other books) wasnt half as interesting since only Harry bothered to try and figure it out, and he didnt get very far. That way, you didnt get the satisfaction you normaly get when a character solves a mystery, or finds a clue.
There are a lot of people out there that really didn't like this book. If you google [+"half-bllod prince" +reviews] you'd be amazed at some of the negative posts! I didn't think it was as great as the first 5, but the last couple of chapters! Wow! I can't wait to read the next one.
BTW, do you think Snape is really one of the bad guys??
Not really... I was actually starting to like Snape, as a character, and I still think that he's not completly bad. I think he's sort of stuck between loyalties. He doesnt want to be slave to Voldemort- I think he's sort of independent in that way- but I think he also feels some sort of resentment towards the Order... I dunno, I think you'd need to know more about his past for a definite answer.
Very insightful comments, BobTheEgg.
I like Snape, too, but I think it is mostly because I LOVE the way Alan Rickman plays him!
I found in this book, that JK seemed to be writing to the actors. Every description of Snape and every line of dialogue was just so Alan Rickman. The same with Hermione.
Im not as familiar with the movies as the books, but I do remember that the casting for Snape was very good. Im not so sure about Hermione, though... anyhow, she's a much better actor than whoever plays Ron and Harry.
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