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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Each Little Bird That Sings written by Deborah Wiles

If you enjoyed Love, Ruby Lavender written by Deborah Wiles, you will just adore Each Little Bird that Sings. It is the story of Comfort Snowberger and her family. The Snowbergers are used to death, running a funeral home and living upstairs in the same building, but when family members are the ones whose funerals need to be held there is a little more stress and commotion. Especially when those family members are as special as Great-great-great aunt Florentine. Comfort and her best friend, Declaration Johnson, are not getting along very well, as will happen when girls turn ten-years-old and one, Declaration, wants to try new friends who are not so very individualistic. Comfort is supposed to be nice to, and watch, her younger cousin Peach (eight-years-old). Peach isn't exactly the easiest boy to get along with though, he's very emotional and whines at almost anything. Comfort just wants to sit in her closet with her dog, Dismay, instead of attending Great-great-great aunt Florentine's funeral - but that's not going to happen. The family comes together at this important time, even Comfort makes the effort to get along with Peach.

This is a very heartwarming tale, a must read but have a box of tissues nearby. Another winner from Deborah Wiles.

I read this and it was good! I thought that the girl was a very good main character. Plus I learned how to make Sweet Tea from a receipe in the book! Great Read!
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