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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eldest by Christopher Paolini

No, this isn't a pre-review...would that be a "preview?" :)
The book, sequel to Christopher Paolini's Eragon, will hit bookstores and libraries next Tuesday (August 23).
I haven't read Eragon yet, but shadowkitty liked it.
I'm just wondering if anyone is looking forward to it with the same anticipation as we looked forward to Harry?

I am not actually such a big fan of Eragon. I never finished it. Of course, I felt the same about harry potter before I reread the book and became a fanatic. :) However, I did get to see Christopher Paolini at a reading at my libary. He was very animated when he was speaking. He was very funny, not just his jokes, but the way he said them. Afterwards there was a book signing. He was signing the page at the beginning with the map on it. When he got to mine (there was a huge line, and I was near the middle) I made some dumb joke while he was signing about him signing on top of the so and so desert and whether the deserts' inhabitants would mind.
He didn't get it.
I read Eragon and at first was critical. As I kept reading I was totally caught in the story. I couldn't wait for the next book, Eldest,to be released. I am now reading Eldest - and again totally caught in the story. Paolini continues right where he left off. The writing is also better, tighter and easier to follow. Seems the author started out good with Eragon and is developing his talents for storytelling and writing skills with Eldest.

I hope you find the time to go back to reading Eragon, and continue to Eldest. This is a well thought out and crafted story.
Ooh, now I'm considering reading Eragon again. Thanks.:)
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