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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Twelfth

OK, this came in my email this I the only one who thinks publishers are going a little too far with this "street date" mania? It's kind of fun with the Harry Potter books, but come on...

The latest installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Twelfth is coming soon... As the jacket artwork says, the art is too awful to show and the title too terrible to reveal. HarperCollins wants to keep A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Twelfth a BIG secret, including the title of the book, until the official on-sale date of October 18, 2005.

Are you fans? Is this hype really effective? What do you think?
(BTW, I am not a fan. Could you tell?)

I think this is a brilliant advertising ploy! I don't think it will keep those who have been reading the series from buying the book. If they liked the other books, then there is a good chance they'll like the new one, no matter what the title is or what it is about. In fact, because the title is a mystery, Lemony Snicket fans are probably discussing the book even more...What could the title be? What will the illustration on the cover look like? What will the book be about???
I have to agree! At least give the title so we have a glimmer of what the story is about.
For those who are following the series it is only fair.

I'm sick of all this media hype. If a book is really good - it will sell and be read.
Yes and no. I'm a huge fan, and i wish i knew the title/cover, but c'mon, we can wait until it comes out, right?
I don't know what it is that people like about these books...I only got half-way through the first one.
Fans will not have long to wait for "Book the Twelfth," though; you can learn the title, see the cover art and even buy (or borrow) the book on Tuesday!
I like ASOUE just as much as I like HP, so I rest my case!!!
We have a name! The title of the new Lemony Snicket book, aka Series of Unfortunate Events #12, which goes on sale today, is The Penultimate Peril
Anonymous, you really like ASOUE as much as Harry????
Maybe I will try again to read "book the first."
I'm looking forward to seeing the Book Review section of the Sunday New York Times. BobTheEgg mentioned that there was a funny ad in Wednesday's New York Times and I'm hoping they repeat it on Sunday.
While I was looking online to see if I could find the ad, I came across some really cool online sites for ASOUE (thanks Anonymous for the acronym - so much easier!). You fans might enjoy browsing on over to:
-, duh!
-, a great, up-to-date site that appears to be run by Egmont Books, London, the UK distributor of ASOUE.
Check out "The Big Unfortunate Event" coming up this Saturday!
- and, two sites specifically about the movie.
You know that I'm a Librarian...a Librarian who enters our new books into the computer catalog (and assigns the Dewey Decimal number to them). Well, this showed up in my email today and I had to share it:

The new hilariously morbid children's book by Lemony Snicket, THE PENULTIMATE PERIL, will have special appeal to [library] cataloguers because it features a hotel, the Hotel Denouement, which is organized by Dewey Decimal Classification.

"The Hotel Denouement is organized according to the Dewey Decimal System," Frank or Earnest explained. "That's the same way books are organized in many libraries. For instance, if you wanted to find a book on German poetry, you would begin in the section of the library marked 800, which contains books on literature and rhetoric.
Similarly, the eighth story of this hotel is reserved for our rhetorical guests. Within the 800 section of a library, you'd find books on German poetry labeled 831, and if you were to take the elevator up to the eighth story and walk into Room 831, you'd find a gathering of German poets. Understand?"

Couches in the lobby are labelled 135, for dreams and mysteries, in case guests want to nap. In the 200s on the second story, the hotel has a church, a chapel, a mosque, a synagogue, etc. In room 613, promotion of health, there's a sauna. 792, stage presentations, is a theatre.

One location has no number. "That's the rooftop sunbathing salon. People who sunbathe aren't usually interested in library science, so they're not picky about the salon's location."

So now, I have to read the series...and I have to zip through the first 11 so I can get to this one!
I thought you would like to know that in my quest to read through the series so I can get to Book the Twelfth, I have come under Lemony Snicket's spell! Yes, I have become...a fan! (I can hear otakushoujo and anonymous saying "I told you so!")
In the three weeks since my previous post, I have read the first four books and started the fifth.
I even brought home the movie! I was amazed at how they combined the first three books, twisted the stories, mixed up the sequence of events, added plot lines and left out important parts, and still managed to come up with a good movie! Or was it only good because... now I am a fan???
BTW, while browsing for a recipe for Puttanesca Sauce, I ran across some more great ASOUE websites:, The Quiet World, which calls itself "the ultimate ASoUE resource." You can find recipes for all of the food mentioned in the stories here, including Puttanesca Sauce.
Also, the world's first Lemony Snicket wiki,, "SnickWiki." (A wiki is a website that can be edited by any user/visitor.)
One of the things I love about ASOUE (maybe even more than the story itself) is trying to find all the hints and clued dropped in the books. I may just be dillusional and imagining hidden mesages in the text, but if you read 'The Unauthorized Autobiography' you'll know what I mean. In it you'll learn about a bunch of the codes used by VFD. Its rather neat. I dont want to give anything away, but check out the chapter picture for chapter 3- the beginning of a coded message always starts with bells. And the VFD motto, the world is quiet here, seems to show up now and then in the book, too.
(Yeah- if you havent guessed allready, I am a fan.)
By the way, if you go to, you'll see a coded message right on the home page- write out the underlined letters and you'll see. Im still trying to figure out what it means.
Actually, i made a mistake- the message is not on the home page. When you get there you'll get a message from count olaf. When you click on the 'dont click here button' you'll find the message I was talking about.
So good to hear from you again BobTheEgg!
I'm rather shallow when it comes to reading, and by that I mean, I read alot, but I don't look for deep and hidden meanings.
I didn't even notice the dedications to Beatrice until the third or fourth book...
It seems like all of sudden, around book 5, they stopped being stories about Violet, Klaus and Sunny, and became more about mysterious references to the author and Beatrice and V.F.D.
Was I just missing that in the first 4 books???
BTW, if you have read Book the 12th (I'm in the middle of seven), please write a review. You can start a new thread with the review, as this thread is about to go off the main page!
Fellow ASOUE fans...a very cryptic message appeared in my email today from HarperCollins, publisher of ASOUE:

Friday the 13th
January 2006

Less than two weeks after 2006 arrived amidst great excitement and optimism, something terrible happened at 12:01 a.m. this morning: Friday the 13th arrived.

Under normal circumstances, today’s date would be unfortunate. This year, it is even more ominous, a word which here means “extremely worrisome.” That is because this terribly unlucky day occurs TWICE in 2006.

Associates at predict that the second time, Friday, October 13, will bring The End. Of what, however--the Baudelaire orphans? Lemony Snicket himself? Thursday, October 12th?--remains unclear.

There is much to fear in the coming months--alarming puzzles, distressing notations, a series of communications from someone named Beatrice. All of us at AuthorTracker will continue to try to locate the elusive Mr. Snicket, gather information, understand the truth, and share our findings with you.

Still, we are sorry to ruin your year after only 12 days. Perhaps 2007 will be cheerier.

With all due respect,
HarperCollins Publishers

What can it mean? Do we only (only???) have to wait 9 months for Book the Thirteenth?
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