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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Lion Boy Trilogy - three books by Zizou Corder

There are three titles in this trilogy written by Zizou Corder. This author is in actuality two people, one an adult author ( Louisa Young), the other is her daughter, still a kid, (Isabel Adomakoh Young).

The first book in this trilogy, LionBoy, is the best of the three. It introduces Charlie Ashanti - a boy who has the ability to speak with cats - all kinds of cats, even the BIG cats. He goes home one day to find his scientist parents are missing, kidnapped by an evil international corporation (the Corporacy), looking to profit from Charlie's parents discovery of better asthma medication. The story is set in the future, I'm not sure how far into the future it is, where the world is changed and this corporation has developed a sort of different species of cat - one that many children are highly allergic too.

Charlie goes after his parents, joins a circus, is befriended by a stray cat (who is very helpful through all three books), and rescues lions from an abusive lion trainer.

The second book in the trilogy, LionBoy: The Chase, continues Charlie's story. He is still looking for his parents. His nemisis, Rafi - the young man who arranged the kidnapping, is now after Charlie too. The abusive lion tamer, Moccomo, is after Charlie and the lions. The evil corporation wants all of them. The action continues as Charlie's cat friend, Sergei, finds Charlie's parents and effects an escape from the Corporacy.

In the third, and final entry in this trilogy, LionBoy: The Truth, Charlie is reunited with his parents, but not for long. Soon they are looking for him, as he has been kidnapped. There are various species of cats who are able to communicate with each other, and with Charlie. He has more reinforcements from the animal kingdom as well. This book brings a conclusion to the adventure, and sorts out the characters very well.

This trilogy is a fine adventure story. The ending is expected, especially with the development of the various characters' personalities. These books are fast moving, definitely futuristic and suspenseful, with quite a bit of imaginitive puzzle solving included. Perfect for boys looking for an action story.

Hi... Its BobtheEgg, and I know I havent been posting for a while, but we had half a day today at school because of report cards (eek!)and like, no homework, so I have lots of time.
This book sounds really interesting, allthough I do have to say one thing: the boy with magical powers and his kidnapped scientist parents all sound awfully familiar. And what is it with authors and trilogies?
I really shouldnt be talking, because some of my favorite books are like that, too, but I'd just thought I mention...
The ability Charlie has to talk with cats isn't "magical." It came about when he was a baby and shared blood through wounds with a baby leopard. At least that is how it is in the first book of the trilogy. I do agree, the kidnapping, pursuit, etc. are familiar plots. What seems different in this trilogy is the why and the enviromental themes. Basically an evil corporation using hyperactive allergies to cats to make money is the core of the bad guys motives. Charlie's parents have come up with a new medicine to help. This would ruin the corporation's plans to control the world. Yes, many books are also using that, or similiar themes. I liked the way Charlie has to grow up while searching for his parents - the way he has to make choices and decisions. There is a realistic "future" within this story, with fuel shortages and other difficulties.

I think there are more trilogies because authors seem to have more to say, and who wants to read a 2,000 page book at one time?
It's also easier for marketing.
The LionBoy trilogy is very interesting. Hope you find time to read it.
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