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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Golden & Grey (An Unremarkable Boy and a Rather Remarkable Ghost)

Golden & Grey
The title says it all, well most of it anyway. Golden & Grey, written by Louise Arnold is the story of a human child, Tom Golden, who is able to see ghosts. Grey Arthur is a ghost who is "an invisible friend" to Tom.

See, Grey Arthur doesn't seem to be able to find his "calling" as a ghost. While he has trained to be a Faintly Real, a Poltergeist, and even a Sadness Summoner - Grey Arthur just wasn't able to be successful at any ghostly occupation.

Meanwhile, Tom Golden has moved to a new neighborhood, a new school - and away from his friends. At this new school Tom is bullied. Grey Arthur enters Tom's life because ghosts can "hear" emotion, and Grey Arthur decides that being an invisible friend is what he is meant to be. He will help Tom keep the bullies at bay, take the teasing signs off Tom's back, and, well, just take care of Tom.

At first Tom has no idea he has this invisible ghostly friend, then, while running away from some bullies, Tom is hit by a car. This accident gives him the ability to view another world - the ghost world. Now he can see and communicate with Grey Arthur and other ghosts.

Tom and Grey Arthur discover many truths - especially what friendship really means - as these two outcasts in their own worlds join together to turn their lives around.

This is Louise Arnold's first book. It is a fun, fantasy look at two different (parallel) worlds and their inhabitants. There is action and suspense, a kidnapping, hauntings, good guys and bad guys.
What fun!

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