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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Becoming Naomi Leon
Naomi lives with her brother in a trailer which her Grandmother liked to call "Baby Beluga". Naomi's biggest problem was how to get boys to stop making fun of her name, Naomi Outlaw. Well the Outlaw part was really Grams but she and her brother were using it. Her life becomes quite a tangle when her long lost mother shows up on her doorstep, and swears that she has changed and wants to get to know them.

When Naomi's Mother doesn't show up for Parents Day, the children are left at school for hours waiting and Gram has to be called to come after them. It finally becomes apparen that she is only interested in taking Naomi away from everything she has ever known and her only home. Her mother of course has not changed her ways and needs help. When their mother comes to get her Naomi and her brother run to hide form her. Finaly she leaves and threatens to come back on Saturday with police if necessary. This is when Gram goes into action and devises a cunning plan that even Naomi and Owen know nothing about...

This book is a Caudill Nominee for 2007. If you want to read more about this story and find out Gram's paln read the entire book. I like this story Naomi starts out as a quite shy girl who in time finds courage to fight for what she wants.

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