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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Defiance by Valerie Hobbs (Take 2)

Defiance by Valerie Hobbs

Defiance is the story of 11-year-old Toby Steiner, who has been battling cancer since he was four years old--and he's had enough. When he discovers that a suspicious new lump has appeared on his side, he hides the information from his overprotective mother and father. He neither wants to alarm them nor to return to the hospital where the necessary treatment is painful and disruptive to his life. He wants to be a normal child--even if might mean his eventual death.

When Toby meets 94-year-old Pearl, however, who has been "battling" those who would steal her freedom, he discovers the beauty in poetry, communication with the world around him, and how to accept those things that we must accept.

Despite the topic, this isn't a sad book but rather a tale of strength and courage--and knowing how to live one's life when others need to help you live it. Only 116 pages long, it's an easy and fascinating story that one could easily read in an afternoon.

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