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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ida B : And her plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, And (Possibly) Save the World written by Katherine Hannigan

Ida B.
Katherine Hannigan has created an interesting and very active character- Ida B. Applewood. She's named for her mother, Ida, and that's why she's known as Ida B. The "Applewood" is tagged on when she's in trouble. Ida B. is so full of imagination, activity, and fun. She rarely is still, unless it's to listen to the old tree talk. It's the trees that warn Ida B. that trouble is on the way.

Ida B. has been homeschooled since she first started kindergarten, and didn't like it (or the teacher) one bit. Now things have changed and her mother and father won't be able to homeschool her. Ida B. is beginning her formal schooling in fourth grade. She's not at all happy about it, in fact she's resisting the idea as much as she can.

Then her father has to sell some of their land to pay medical bills for Ida B.'s mother. Trees are chopped down as a family builds a house. Ida B. is furious. She plans to scare away the family. Turns out one of the kids is someone, the only someone who was nice to her the first day, from her class. Things don't go Ida B.'s way at all. She does learn a hard lesson from all of this, a lesson about what is really important, and how family needs to all pull together when hard times come. Ida B. also learns how to apologize, and mean it.

I hope Ms. Hannigan writes more about Ida B. She's a very interesting character. This story is a very warm, and fun, family story.

Ida B: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World is one of the Rebecca Caudill Nominee titles for 2007.

I think Ida B is great book for pre teens and teens. This book has been so much fun to read i truly enjoyed this book. Katherine Hannigan has a way with words in this wonderful book. I will suggest this book to all of my friends.
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