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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch By Joseph Delaney

Last Apprentice
For years Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county now he is looking for a new apprentice to eventurally take his place. Twenty nine apprentices have tried and failed now there is only one, Tom Ward, seventh son of the seventh son. Tom needing a job and having no prospects isn't really sure about working for the Spook. But then again he wasn't all that thrilled with being a farmer either. His main goal was to learn how to protect farms and village from "things that go bump in the night". He would have dealing with all sorts of wicked beasties such as, witches, boggarts, ghouls and ghosts.

Looking at the Spook himself was scarry enough but to leave his family and everything behind was tough. When the Spook shows up at the farm for Tom he wasn't sure himself if he was up to it. When they departed they took the route over Hangman's Hill the place Tom was most afraid of. He got a lesson right thne and there how to conquer his fear, the difference between ghosts and ghasts and howto go on.

And so on they went bound for a place called Horshaw, where the Spook informed Tom that he was to undergo a test. The test was to spend a night alone in a haunted house with out help from anyone. This would enable the Spook to know what Tom was really made of. It was raining when they reached Horshaw, and the house was dark and lonely. All Tom had to do was wait until midnight and then go into the basement to face whatever it was down there. He was cold and tired and afraid. The last thing the Spook told him was not to open the door for anyone and not to let the candle burn out. It wasn't long although he tried to sleep before he heard footsteps coming up the basment stairs then Tom had to face his destiny.

I cannot wait for the next book! Oh and look out for page 148.

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