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Monday, February 06, 2006

May Bird and Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

May Bird and the Ever After
by Jodi Lynn Anderson

in the beginning it seem that May Ellen Bird's life with her mother in Briery Swamp is typical. May loves living near the wood and swamp which suit her just fine. May doesn't seem to have many friends st school but at home she has her faithful "Somber Kitty" at her side. She is a warrior princess, is very brave and can do anything she sets her mind to.

The next day on her travels with Somber Kitty she finds an unusual letter in a old post office now reduced to a pile of rubble. She wanted to find something important. the envelope was very yellowed the stamp and postmark were visible...June 11, 1951. Should she open it? When she turned the letter over, her eyes were as wide as could be. On the envelope...Miss May Ellen Bird, White Moss Manor, Briery Swamp, WV. It had to be a different May Bird, but then there was her very own address. She opened the letter and began to read. In the letter it said that the lady of North Farm was sending a map of Briery Swamp Lake, just in case. Well that pretty much settled it since May did not know any lady at North Farm. She was greatly relieved. She crumpled the letter ant tossed it on the ground. A moment later she picked it up flatten it out and put it in her knapsack.

The next morning May set out for the swamp. She had tried to find her way through the prickly briers many times only to get pricked a thousand times. After a while it didn't make since to turn back, so on she went. Soon the brier were not as thick and seemed to be parting to let her pass. May heard a strange growl up ahead and ran to defend her cat only to find Somber Kitty was growling at the edge of a small lake. She went up to the edge of the lake, the surface dark and glossy in the water she thought she saw a shimmering light. The next thing she knew shellost her balance was falling into the lake. When she surfaced she took two short strokes toward the shore when she felt it. Very strong fingers were grabbing her by the ankle and yanking her under. She kicked very hard and only jus managed to get away and pull herself to shore. She grabbed Somber Kitty and backed slowly away, finally turning and running for home.

When May got home she went straight to bed. Hours later May sat straight up in bed. She had been having a bad dream. She heard a tap, tap, tap, and she froze to the very spot she was standing. It was coming from just outside her door. She left her room to wake her mother changed her mind and went back to her room there she saw someone sitting on her bed. She screamed and when her mom came running she could barely get the word, "ghost" out. Her Mom thought it was just a dream. She had her mom check under the bed and the whole house, nothing. After she was back in be May herself checked outside and there it was in the garden. After this May began to see ghost with regularly. May tried to hide her fear but it was pretty evident as she went around spitting and throwing salt over her shoulder.

May packed her bag and headed for the lake. She stopped and checked the house as she headed into the woods. She was not feeling very brave. Of course Somber Kitty followed. May tried to send the cat home, yelling at him until he ran off. She stood at the edge of the lake, it was glowing and she could see someone in the water. It was dangerous she should get away, and arm shot out of the water and pulled her in.

If you enjoy creepy this is it. Most of the book is about May's adventure into the world of the dead. It is very discriptive and creepy probably will give you nightmares. Still I didn't want to finish the book and by the end I decided I have to read book II to find out what happens to May and Somber Kitty.

You should the rest of book 1 before reading book 2. You wouldn't understand book if you didn't finish the first book.
This was a great book. My two best friends and I pretty much think that they are the best books ever! One of my friends said she was like May, I was like Bea, and my sister was like Somber Kitty (this was before my other friend had read it.) And yes, my sister is Somber Kitty (even though Somber Kitty is a guy.) I look sort of like Beatrice what with the blond hair and blue eyes but I am not that pretty. We are, like, so obsessed with May Bird that there is this pond in my friend's woods, and we are going to go in there to see if we can go to the Ever After. Risk Falls from the second book sounds so pretty, and that's where I would like to end up. hehehe. So, anyway, these are great books, and if you are a kid or if you have a kid this is a must-read! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
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