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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Regarding the Trees: A Splintered Saga Rooted in Secrets

Regarding the Trees
Regarding the Trees, written by Kate Klise, continues the story of interactions between characters at Geyser Creek Middle School, the inhabitants of the town of Geyser Creek, Missouri and Ms. Florence Waters of Flowing Waters Fountains. While not rooted in a mystery, as the previous two titles - Regarding the Fountain and Regarding the Sink - this story is also told through letters, notes, faxes, and newspaper articles. There is another look into the past of the town, with research concerning the trees around the Geyser Creek Middle School.

Principal Russ is to be evaluated. Part of the evaluation concerns the actual building and grounds, how these are maintained, of Geyser Creek Middle School. He contacts Florence Waters to find out if she has any experience with trimming trees. As a result there is a town gender war, dueling chefs, student protests and a surprise wedding! Never a dull moment in Geyser Creek.

This is a fun read, quick and easy. I like the different format and miscommunications that result from not being on the "same page" in many instances. Notice the names "Goldie Fish", "Angel Fish", "Lief Blite", and others, that help tell the story and add to this humorous tale.

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