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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So B. It by Sarah Weeks

So B. It
When Heidi was a baby she and he mothr came to live with their neighbor Bernadette. One fine day they appeared from out of the blue on Bernadette's doorstep. Bernadette suffered from agoraphobia (fear of open places especially the outside) she never ever left the apartment.
Heidi's Mom wa not normal, she only knew twenty three words which they kept a list of in the cupboard. It became Heidi's job when she got older to do the shopping, run errands, do anything that required going out of the apartment.Beradette became Heidi's teacher, friend and caretaker while they both took care of Mama.

One day Heidi found and old camera and had the pictures developed at the photomat. She was curious about where she came from and one of Mama's words, "Soof". Whenever she tried to get Mama to tell her what it meant she would not respond. After developing the pictures, she found one picture of a place called Hilltop Home in Liberty, New York. Heidi was determined to go there on her own and find out who these people were and anything she could about her mother.

They tried calling the Hiltop home without sucess but got no answers. So Heidi went to the slots and won enough for her ticket to New York.
Heidi went straight ot the bus station and purchased a ticket to Liberty, New York. She then went home to tell Bernadette to set everything straight. She had to fing the missing pieces of her life. Three days later in spite of Bernadette's warnings Heidi boarded the bus in search of answers to her life...

This is a Caudill 2007 nominee. I enjoyed the story very much beause Heidi was not afraid to find out about her past in order to live her future. If you wish to know what she learned in Liberty, New York, read the book.

I really liked how Naomi changes from a very quiet, shy person to someone who decides to stand up for her, and her brother's, rights to a good home. I think her mother does have feelings for her children, but is so immature she isn't capable of parenting. Gram defends both children, putting their best interests ahead of her own.

I also like the ending. Their father realizes immediately what is best for his children. While still wanting to be a part of their lives, he knows he is not able to give them the sense of "home" they need. I felt Santiago will continue to help his children, becoming more of a part of their lives.

A very heartwarming story about a different type of family.
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