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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Wright 3 written by Blue Balliett

The Wright 3
The Wright 3 is the sequel to Chasing Vermeer, both written by Blue Balliett. This story is also based in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Petra and Calder are back, along with Tommy - Calder's friend who had moved away, but has now returned with his mother. This time it is a different work of art involved, the Robie House - designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

The house actually exists, so all the design elements described in Ballett's writing can be viewed, before or after reading this story.

There are possible ghosts, hidden treasure, eerie events, and a puzzle to be solved. Petra and Calder's friendship, cemented in Chasing Vermeer, goes through some changes as they add Tommy to their "team." Issues of blending new and old friendships are addressed as the Wright 3 solve the riddles within the design of the Robie House and save an architectural landmark.

The story is very quickly developed, and seems to wind up too fast. The end is suddenly there. I think the mystery could have been drawn out with more suspense. It is still a good read and would make a good movie. The ending of The Wright 3 seems "open," as though there will be more puzzles, and mysteries, to solve.

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