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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz

Point Blank
Two enormously wealthy men have recently died in what appear to be strange accidents. The only thing they have in common is that their teenage sons attended the same exclusive school for troubled kids in the French Alps.
Alex Rider is in for another adventure when England's intellegence agency, MI6, sends him to the school, Point Blanc, to see if there is a connection between the school and the deaths.
He finds the school, isolated on the top of a mountain, with just 6 boys in attendance, very strange indeed. Stranger still are the director, Dr. Grief, and his assistant, Mrs. Stellenbosch.
When Alex discovers what is really going on at the school, he finds that he, alone, must save the world from Dr. Grief's horrible Gemini Project.
Point Blank (or Point Blanc) is the second Alex Rider adventure; the sequel to Anthony Horowitz' Stormbreaker.
I found this story much more fun and more believable than Stormbreaker. There is non-stop action from the first page and the end will leave you stunned. I really enjoyed the references to contemporary culture (Harry Potter, snowboarding, and others) and the fun "spy gadgets."
Browsing through Anthony Horowitz' website, I was not surprised to find that "Stormbreaker," the movie, will be released this summer.
If you are a fan of Cody Banks or Spy Kids you'll enjoy this series! Mr. Horowitz has written five Alex Rider adventures so far. The most recent, Ark Angel, just came out last week. I'm looking forward to reading them all!

(Stormbreaker was one of the original "discussions" on The Blogger Book Club! You can read that discussion here)

Fans of Alex Rider will be interested in the new book that just came out: Alex Rider ; the Gadgets by Anthony Horowitz (of course)!
It includes blueprints and technical data on all the cute little gadgets that Mr. Smithers designed for Alex! What fun is that!
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