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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pond Scum written by Alan Silberberg

Pond Scum
Oliver is an eleven year old boy whose life drastically changes when his mother takes a job teaching high school in a small town. His parents are divorced, so Oliver and his sister, Rachel, move with their mom out of the city into a worn out old house.

There is a pond nearby where an assortment of wildlife and bugs have joined forces to keep humans out of the house and away from the area.

All Oliver lives for is his television programs. At his old school, he had been an outcast - and now at the new school he isn't able to make friends either. One day, while up on the roof trying to install a TV antenna, Oliver falls through the roof into the attic. There he finds a strange gem. Somehow this gem enables him to transform into any creature he touches. Oliver finds himself in the parallel world of the pond as a salamander. Soon he has friends, a salamander named Mooch and a crow named Antione.

Oliver learns to use the power of the gem to thwart disaster in the pond world as a power hungry crow, the General, attempts to take over and rule the pond.

Pond Scum is a great story! It has adventure, crisis, humor with a great and glorious ending.

Wow - what a great review of a book I wrote. I hope everyone who reads Pond Scum will find the magic to connect with others and transform life into a wonderful, funny, meaningful experience.

Thanks for spreading the word, Shadowkitty!

Alan Silberberg
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