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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Riddle in the Mountain by Daryl Burkhard

Riddle in the Mountain
Kathy Henley was afraid of most everything. More than anything she was afraid of the dark and midnight whispers than no one in her family seemed to hear. Most every night she was camping out in her older brother's room, or crept queitly into her parents room to sleep on the floor. One night when the whispering began she crept to the window and saw her next door neighbor standing outside her house listening. Could she hear the whispering? What was she waiting for?

The very next day Kathy Henley had a chance meeting with her neighbor Mrs. Acheson. While Kathy was busy helping with the flowers this is what she said. "Have you ever heard the fairies dance at night and wondered where the get their shoes?" Kathy was not sure what was happening. At about this time Kathy was wondering if her neighbor was a bit daft. Kathy asked her if that was what she was doing up last night talking to fairies. Kathy was dying to find out if she could hear the whispers, but her neighbor explained that she didn't have the gift.

Later that evening Kathy, her brother David and his friend Frank were on their way up to Elbert's place where the ghost lived under the porch. Kathy did not want to go, but was to afraid to say so. So at the stroke of midnight they were all walking slowly up the hill. Armed with flashlights they found the entrance under the steps into the porch. They went in reluctantly, the dark, dank smeel rising up to meet them, crawling along on hands and knees...then they hear a high-pitched giggle, ever so slight out of the darkness. "Who disturb's my bannisment, my pain?" A small almost shimmery man stepped into the light. He seemed a little surprised that they could actually hear him.
"One of you should save the key. Return it to its rightful place. Then I could go home." He thought that since they were looking for adventure he would give them one. He gave them a riddle to solve that had three parts, one for each of them and until the riddle was solved they could not go back to their own time but must remain in his.

Three screams rang in the night air and as they crawled out of the porch everything has changed only the house was the same...

I truely enjoyed reading how the three children found a way to survive in another time and managed to accomplish their goal.
You must read this to find out the secret at the very end!

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