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Monday, May 22, 2006

Strange Happenings written by Avi

Strange Happenings
Strange Happenings is a collection of short stories written by Avi. Each story concerns a transformation, or a change in the primary character. Some of these "changes" are purely physical while others are more psychological. Each story also seems to teach a lesson relating to characteristics such as, boredom, greed, vanity, and excessive curiosity. These stories should provoke great discussions.

"Bored Tom" is about a boy who is dissatisfied with his life. He has no energy, nothing is of interest to him. A cat talks to him, and becomes his pet for a while. Tom thinks the cat's life is perfect - just sleeping all day, never having to go to school or participate in anything. Then the cat helps Tom to acquire the ability to have a cat's life . . . but at a price.

The other stories in Strange Happenings follow similiar, and even weirder, twists. Very interesting tales, suspenseful and eerie.

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