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Friday, July 28, 2006

Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Peter and the Shadow Thieves
Peter and the Shadow Thieves is a darker adventure than Peter and the Star Catchers (both written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson). The Others are attempting to obtain the chest of starstuff that Molly and her father (Lord Aster) brought back to London, England at the end of the original book. This time the evil Lord Ombra, a shadow thief, is after the starstuff. Lord Ombra isn't really human - he floats, or oozes, and there is no face visible within the dark hood he wears. He also "melts" into a shadow form and seeps under doorways through the crack between the floorboards and the door. As Lord Ombra "captures" shadows, his victims become servants to him - doing his biding without struggle.

Peter first observes Lord Ombra when he and another group of pirates kidnap the Mollusk's chief's daughter, Shining Pearl. Fighting Prawn, the chief, does tell Lord Ombra where the chest with starstuff is - to save his daughter's life. Peter follows the ship Lord Ombra uses, stowing away on it with Tinkerbell, to try to reach London and warn Molly.

Peter runs into trouble, as does Tinkerbell, in the streets of London. By the time they get to the Aster's mansion it is too late, Lord Ombra has already gotten there . . .

This is a good adventure, but doesn't have the humor that was in Peter and the Star Catchers. The new pirate captain, Nerezza, is not as defined as Black Stache (Captain Hook). There is nothing interesting about him, he is just a bad guy and stooge for Lord Ombra. Slank is back, now a crew member on Nerezza's boat. Much is made of Slank's wanting revenge on both Peter and Molly. Mollusk Island, Neverland, and the lost boys appear in brief snippits along with skirmishes between Captain Hook and Peter. There is room for yet another installment in this story of Peter, Tinkerbell, the Star Catchers, and the Others to bring it up to the time frame of the original Peter Pan as written by James Barrie.

hi i read your blogger book club book but it is the oppsite the another book that it belongs to and i loved it peter and the star caughters i have. bye
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