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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here Lies A Librarian by Richard Peck

Here Lies the Librarian
Lucky thing was it was broad daylight and you could see this tornado coming at you. When Peewee's brother Jake showed up at the garage, to warn her to take cover, what they didn't know is that it would rip up the graveyard. Jake hauls Peewee outside and they make a run for it. Tearing up through the grape arbor across old Colonel Hazelrigs property to the storm cellar in the back. It took all of Jakes strength just to move the stout oak door set in the earth.

Jake shoving Peewee inside and takes out after the Colonel, who might just as well take cover in the outhouse instead of the underground shelter. Peewee scuttles down the steps, trying to see but it is as dark as a grave in there. It suddenly ocurred to her someone else was in there. Squinting to get a another look, it was only Aunt Hat Hazelrigg and she was squinting right back plastered with feathers from her rhode island red chickens. Aunt Hat had slumped to the floor and sat in silence.

Rain hammered the door, but suddenly it flew open and Jake threw in Sparks the old hound dog. Colonel Hazelrigg stumbled in next, though luck was truly with them because the Colonel was at least wearing his pants! The door slammed shut, Jake dropped in and now they had a full house. Nothing to do now but wait.

After a time the wind stopped and one by one out they came. While Jake, Peewee, and the Colonel took off for uptown to survey the damage, Aunt Hat went home to her chickens. Lucky for them the house was still in tack and the garage where they made their living. When they got as far as the Beulahland cemetery, Sparks began to whine and the fur along his backbone rose straight up. Stuff that shouldn't be was everywhere that's when Peewee saw a coffin thrust up out of the ground and the lid totally gone.

Peewee was so worried about Mama and took off to check out her gravesite. AS far as she could tell was everything there was fine. She looked around and noticed it was Miss Deitz's grave, town librarian. Her stone read:
After years of service,
Tried and true,
Heaven stamped her--

If you want to know more of Peewee's story I think you should read the book. I enjoyed laughing my way through this one!

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