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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fairies of the Nutfolk Wood by Barb Bentler Ullman

Fairies of Nutfolk Wood
In the small country town of Plunkit, Willa and her Mom try to start over again after the divorce. They make the decision to leave the comfort of Grandma's, to go live somewhere in the coutry close to Uncle Andrew's.

While searching for a place to rent Willa sees a practically glowing green sign: PEACE AND COURAGE. A small hand size doll stood on top the post waving hello. Startled Willa rubs her eyes and the sign actually reads: Wicket's Road. None the less she persuades her uncle to turn down this road. She asks to stop, makes her way to the post to check it out and finds that there is no doll by the post.

Wicket's Road was really just a gravel road they soon come up to a sign: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS! They pulled into a gravel drive and sit gapping at the uglest trailer ever seen anywhere. Junk is everywhere, car parts, an old mildewed sofa, stacks of rotten newspapers, three cracked televisons, assorted lumber all heaped together in what is the yard. Mama thinks that it may have potential wants to take a look.

Willa prefers to stay outside but suddenly she sees a seedling grow right into a bud. The bud pops open becoming a snow white trilium.
Just as quickly it disappears and dies. Willa shuts her eyes really tight, then opens them again. There is no flower but suddenly in a hazy ball of sparkles a small figure appears where the trillium had been before. It resembles the doll she saw on the post, only now the doll can talk. It lasts only a minute but did it really happen? As Willa turns to find her mom and uncle she finds herself more curious about this place than repelled. And when they drive away she wants to return to this special place...

Will she? You will love the story that follows and the magical things happening in the wood. I can't wait for more about the Fairies of Nutfolk Wood.

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