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Monday, September 11, 2006

Gossamer written by Lois Lowry

Why do we dream the dreams we do? Where do those scary nightmares come from? In Gossamer, written by Lois Lowry, we are introduced to the dream-givers, almost invisible creatures who "gather" memories from objects humans leave laying about then "bestow" the memories in dreams. Bad dreams, nightmares, are given by "Sinisteeds", these are dream- givers gone bad.

There are two stories in the book Gossamer. One is the tale of a very young-dream giver, Littlest One, who has very special innate talents. The other story is of a young boy in foster care and the older woman who is caring for him. Each of these humans has gone through difficulties and must face their pasts, while learning how to negotiate this new emotional relationship together.

Littlest One gives the boy the strength he needs to combat the nightmare of the life he knew with an abusive father, bad dreams inflicted upon him by the Sinisteeds.

Thin Elderly is training Littlest One as a dream-giver. He bestows dreams on the older woman and strengthens her for the onslaught of the Sinisteeds.

Littlest One meets the challenge and, because of her light, special touch, is renamed Gossamer as she matures into her role, becoming solid instead of transparent.

This is a gentle story, full of imagination and kindness. There is a "circle of life" on two levels being portrayed. One is the maturing of Littlest One into Gossamer. The other is a breaking of a cycle of abuse as the boy, John, and his mother work to create a new life that includes the older woman.

I loved it. Gentle and kind and full of magic. Worth reading.
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