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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Prophecy

The Prophecy
The Prophecy, written by Hilari Bell, is a story of magic, cunning, and intellect. The prince, Perryndon, is no warrior. He enjoys learning, reading, more than practicing and developing skills used for battle.

The kingdom of Idris is besieged each year, from fall to spring, by a dragon. The Queen, Perryndon's mother, lost her life in a battle with the dragon. The King, his father, still fights. There is a difference now though, the King has become a drunkard, due to his grief, and does not seem to care about his son in the least.

Perryn learns that there is a prophecy about the dragon - a way to kill the beast and save Idris. He also learns that his father's master of the guard is a spy, feeding the Nordic enemy who has sent the dragon to plague Idris information.

Perryn runs away and attempts to fulfill the prophecy, which requires a true bard, a unicorn, and the Sword of Samhain. As he journeys on his quest, Perryn matures, accepts what he is - his own talents and shortcomings - and fulfills the prophecy. We don't learn how his father, the King, responds - but it can only be positive.

This is a fun fantasy, a bit light and predictable. Those younger readers who are just becoming interested in stories about evil dragons, quests, and young princes who need to prove themselves will enjoy The Prophecy.

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