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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Beatrice Letters by Lemony Snicket

The Beatrice Letters
While waiting to get a copy of The End (still on hold at the Library), I thought I would sit back, relax, and read The Beatrice Letters. Well, there is no relaxing here. Can someone explain what this is all about?? I am so confused! The cover cautions that it is ... "Suspiciously linked to Book the Thirteenth." Will The Beatrice Letters make sense after I read The End?

Even though I am completely confused, I did very much like Lemony Snicket's heartbreaking letter to Beatrice in the middle of the book. "I will love you as the pesto loves the fetuccini and as the horseradish loves the miyagi, as the tempura loves the ikura and the pepperoni loves the pizza." That is pure poetry.

Can anyone tell me what this is about (without spoiling The End, of course) or will I just have to continue waiting.

Oh, by the way, I copied down all of the letters in the book and I have solved part of the anagram... I guess I'll just wait.


I can't wait to read that book! I asked for it for Christmas, so I guess I'll just have to wait...
hidabajig, do you know why I read this book? I really like the cover!
Isn't that a horrible reason...but it is very cool, isn't it?
Have you read The End yet? Are you a fan of the whole series? (or do you just like the cover, too?)
No, I've been following the series, so far i have every hardcover book lined up on my shelf, it looks very pretty.=)
Oh my gosh...I think I just figured out the anagram! Nooooooo! It can't end like that!
I didnt understand the anagram. was it those letters that were in the pages? Hmmm...
p.S. I finished 'The End'
Yes, it was the perforated letters. I don't have the book anymore, I returned it to the Library, but I had written them all down and tried to unscramble them.
At first, I thought "Snicket" was part of it because all of the letters are there, but I couldn't make any sense of the letters that were left. Then I tried something else, which ended up fitting very well with "The End," but it was not good! I haven't seen a solution anywhere on the web...and I wouldn't want to give it away, if I did. See if you can figure it out!
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