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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The End by Lemony Snicket

The End
I finally got a copy of The End a few days ago and started reading it right away. I was looking forward to finding out what really happened to the Baudelaires' parents, what was the significance of the sugar bowl, what was that strange question-mark-shaped object the children saw through the periscope, how did The Beatrice Letters fit into it all, what happened to the Quagmire triplets, and most of all, did the Baudelaire children live happily ever after. (OK, I knew that last thing wouldn't happen!) In short, I was looking for the end.
If you, too, are looking for the end, I'm afraid this is not it!

The "last book" in The Series of Unfortunate Events poses far more questions than it answers.
The siblings, who have sailed away from the burning Hotel Denouement with Count Olaf, weather a storm at sea and end up as castaways on a strange island, populated with strangely docile people (a word which here means willing to follow any suggestion of their very strange leader or "facilitator"). On the island, the children must make some very difficult choices. By the end of the story, we know the fate of Count Olaf and of Beatrice Snicket, but not a lot else.

The author says that, in life, nothing truly has an "end." Every end is the beginning of something else. He carries that thought throughout this book, and at the end of the story, a new story begins. I don't know if Lemony Snicket will continue to write this new story, or even if he should. If I figured out the anagram in The Beatrice Letters correctly, there is not much more story to write!

What did you think of this story? Of the end? Of the whole series? Let's talk!

The book was really good, but it seemed as if there were too many secrets left unanswered. My friend thinks there will be another book, but I have to disagree. Although I wish it had ended differently, I truly think that this was 'The End.'
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