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Friday, December 29, 2006

Wind Tamer by P.R. Morrison

The Wind Tamer
Archie Strinweed is almost sure that the wind is trying to talk to him. It sneaks up behind him and blows him along the pavement, while it screeches in his ear. As his tenth birthday approaches things begin to get even stranger when an eerie ball of green light appears at his window bringing with it a very mysterious gold coin. Archie is bound and determined to find out what it all could mean. He begins by following the ball of light down the stairs, quietly to see where it is going...but before he gets to the bottom, his mother finds him and the green ball is gone.

Archie needs to find out why his parents won't talk about Uncle Rufas, or allow him to have any of the many birthday presents that he has sent the last ten years. Out of the blue Uncle Rufas appears at their door, bringing with him a birthday present. Now Archie will able to learn the truth about the wind and why it seems to be coming for him. Uncle Rufas explains that there is an old family curse that is about to fall on Archie with the arrival of his tenth birthday. The presents that have been hidden by Archie's parents were to help Archie to fight the wind and break the family curse.

Archie and Uncle Rufas begin right away searching for the hidden birthday presents. There is not much time in which they must recover all nine if the wind is to be defeated and the curse broken for all time. They choose start in the most likely place, the basement to uncover the presents which are really artifacts. Is Archie stong enough to face the wind, save his father, while breaking the family curse? You must read the book!

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