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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gender Blender by Blake Nelson

Gender Blender
Image yourself on the school's trampoline with your ex-friend. You bang heads and find that the worst of all possible scenarios has come true. You're in their body!!! That's exactly what happens to Tom and Emma in this hilarious tale about two sixth grade students who used to be good friends. You'll laugh as you read about the awkward experiences these two encounter, while they try to fool others into thinking that nothing has happened. Will they figure out how to switch back into their bodies? Will they mend their friendship? Will someone find out their secret and spread it around the school? On top of these very serious problems, Emma and Tom have been paired together in a school assignment for health class. They are supposed to work together to understand gender differences and then report to the class what they have learned. One thing is certain, no one else will come close to the first hand experience Tom and Emma receive in what it actually feels like to be the other gender going through puberty!

I read this book. It's hilarious!!!
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