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Monday, February 26, 2007

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
Jeremy Fink will turn thirteen in just one month, but will he be up to the challenge. He doesn't like surprises, never goes more than 4 blocks from home, and is afraid ofmost everything. But then there is Lizzy, his best friend, and she is not afraid of anything not even if it means she might get into trouble! When a mysterious box arrives at Jeremy's house, summer takes an unexpected turn. According to the writing on the box it holds "the meaning of life". Jeremy is supposed to open this box by his birthday, but the keys are missing.

This sets off a chain of events that are going to take Jeremy to places he will not want to go, to do things that he does not want to do. At first Jeremy is sure that he will not be able to open the box without destroying it. The box is complicated it needs a set of four different keys to unlock it. But not to worry because Lizzy has a plan. Jeremy is very afraid of what Lizzy's plan may be, so that night he trys several things on his own to open the box. He puts it in the freezer first thinking that the extreme temperature might loosen the locks. No luck. Next he puts it in the microwave, only to take it out worring that inside the box might actually contain some tiny alien baby! Finally he trys to wedge a butter knife under the edge but the lid doesn't budge.

When morning comes, Jeremy is waiting for Lizzy but he is not sure he is ready for what she is planning. Lizzy comes prepared, she brings colored charts with plan a,b,c,d, and e. Plan a,b,c, were discarded because Jeremy had already tried them so that left them with plan d and e. Plan d involved going downtown to the locksmith while plan e meant they had to go to the flea market to search for keys. Even though Jeremy did not want to do either plan, he did want to be able to open the box. And this is way began they began their journey to search for the lost keys to open the box.

Will they find the keys... Will Jeremy actually ride the subway... Will they open the box... this book is definately a page turner. Read it for yourself and you will know "the meaning of life"!

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