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Monday, March 26, 2007

Attack of the Turtle by Drew Carlson

Attack of the Turtle
Nathan Wade is just fourteen years old but a patriot just the same. The year is 1776, the revolutionary war is raging in New York Harbor. Because Nathan is too young to join the fight he worries more about the neighborhood bully than the fighting that is going on. He is also extremely afraid of water and drowning due to an accident when he was very young.

But when his cousin David Bushnell returns from college with a secret he involves Nathan to carry out his plan. David an scientist has developed an underwater machine that will release a bomb just at the right time, boom go the boats in the harbour. David needs to keep his idea a secret so that the enemy will not know what is going on. Nathan along with David's brother Ezra begin to build the boat, dubbed the "American Turtle" because of it's shape.

David is on a mission to launch the underwater boat at the British warships in the harbor. Ezra is stronger more physically fit so he is the one to actually carry out the mission. At last the time is here but Ezra falls sick, who will take the Turtle to it's destination? When Nathan volunteers he surprises even himself. Will the mission be a success, will Nathan be brave enough, strong enough to conquer his fear? You will have to read the book!

This extraordinary adventure story is based on actual historical events about the creation of the first submarine!

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