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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Defiance by Valarie Hobbs

Toby Steiner is an eleven year old boy who is going on vacation. He wants to ride his bike, and fish on the lake. The one thing he doesn't want to think about is going back to the children's hospital.
Once on vacation , Toby goes riding his bike past a nearby farm with a broken down cow standing by the fence. Toby feels sorry for the cow and wants to find the owners to tell them them that he's angry that they are not taking better care of the cow. This poor cow looks like they are not feeding it.
Toby tries to get on back on his bike but he's tired and feeling weak. He walks his bike home, only to find his mother at the porch waiting for him. She had told him before to take care of himself, and not go off on a bike. Toby and his mother have had many discussions about his health, but Toby wants to forget about his illness and never talk about it again.
Toby tries to see the cow again and see the owner. He has no idea that he is in for life lessons, talking and listening to the cow and learning poetry from a very famous poet. In fact when he first meets the old lady, he thought she might be a witch. When he starts talking to her she starts ordering him to help her with chores and reading her mail.
How could Toby know that this old lady was not a witch but would be a good friend instead? How could this old cow named "Blossom" make him have feelings that he didn't think he had? Did the cow really talk to Pearl?
I really liked this book. It starts out sad. Toby, Pearl and Blossom all help each other in so many differnt ways. This book shows that if you care and fight for what you want, you can get it. Everyone should read this book.

This is definitely a must-read! It is so good that three Blogger Book Club members wrote about it!
Read the other two reviews and compare...shadowkitty's review is here and read perfectpat's take on the story here.
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