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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones

The Pinhoe Egg
Two young enchanters discover an egg, a very special egg, in this latest tale about Chrestomanci written by Diana Wynne Jones. Fantasy fans have long enjoyed the Chrestomanci series. The Pinhoe Egg, tells of magic abilities and witchcraft talents being hidden - right under Chrestomanci's nose you might say - in neighboring villages. Cat Chant is in training as an enchanter. Marianne Pinhoe doesn't even know she is an enchanter, just that her family has special talents they all use in their daily lives and she, Marianne, is in training to be the next "Gammer". When the current Gammer (the leader of a clan of rogue witches - the Pinhoe's) has to move out of her house, due to having gone mad, and a powerful bad luck spell goes amuck, Cat and Marianne find the egg in the attic of Gammer's house. The egg hatches after being taken by Cat to Chrestomanci's castle. More magical havoc reigns, including a plague of magical frogs and an illegal witches' war between two rogue clans.

There is magic and mayhem afoot, action (and humor) abound in this latest tale of Chrestomanci. This is a good read while waiting for the next Harry Potter. In fact all of Diana Wynne Jones' books in the "Worlds of Chrestomanci" series are good, interesting, and entertaining fantasy reads.

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