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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thunder From the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow

Thunder From the Sea
The year is 1929 and Tom is just released from an orphanage. He is on his way to live with a couple in an isolated area of Newfoundland - so isolated, that it can only be reached by boat. A storm comes up and Tom spots a dog trying to keep afloat in the water. The dog is rescued and they bring the dog home. Tom names it Thunder to remember surviving the storm. The breed of dog is a Newfoundland. It's a good thing that it is strong, because Thunder comes to the rescue several times for them. Thunder finds a lost child and also warns them of an earthquake. Thunder even pulls a sled to get Tom's mother to the doctor. Will the original owner by found?
Should the original owner be found?

Joan Hiatt Harlow must know special insights and heroic efforts of dogs. The book is not just about a dog; it's about belonging and fitting into new situations. Did you ever feel as if everything was your fault? Harlow weaves a story so that the dog helps Tom work through many trying times and self-doubts. Tom comes from a religious orphanage so he understands and accepts the religious proverbs his new parents quote.

I can't wait to read Star in the Storm by the same author. Thunder From the Sea deserves its nomination for the 2008 Rebecca Caudill Award. I understand why it is nominated. You go, Thunder!

An exciting story of Tom's frindships with his adopted parents, neighboors, and most of all, his dog Thunder. In a short period of time, Tom experiences deep emotions of happines, despair, fear, anger, pride, insecurity, and hope.

Well written and full of excitng adventures, this book is a 2008 Rebecca Caudill nominee and it's a perfect read for lazy summer days.
I agree with the previous reviews. I really enjoyed reading this book. There are so many emotions played out in this book. It's an easy read and would be enjoyable anytime.
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