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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Warriors series by Erin Hunter

Are you a fan of The Warriors series by Erin Hunter? If so, you've got LOTS of company out there! hidabajig posted a review of the first book back in 2005 - and people continue to add comments about how much they like the series.
According to Wikipedia, the first series was published in 2003, beginning with Into the Wild (that's the one hidabajig wrote about). The second series was written under the title Warriors: The New Prophecy and published in 2005. Those are the books with a single word title: Midnight, Moonrise, Dawn, etc.

If you are a fan, you have a lot to look forward to this year!
The Sight and Dark River, the first and second book of the third (!) series Warriors: The Power of Three, and two more books, Firestar's Quest and Secrets of the Clans, are due to be released in 2007 - AND, there is a graphic novel series, too!

I am soooo out of the loop, I haven't read any of them...yet! What makes these stories so good??
Feel free to comment here, or just keep adding to hidabajig's original post.

These books are the best books i have ever read before in my whole life. Well first of the ...the author....Erin actually three people(all girls). Their are many books in the warriors. First their is the first original warrior series containing six book :into the wild, fire and ice, forest of secrets, rising storm,a dangerous path, & the darkest hour. The the next series is warriors the new prophecy also containing six books:midnight, moonrise, dawn, starlight,twighlight,& sunset. Then they made a manga book called the lost warrior explaining what happened the the missing warrior and if he can find his way back to his home. Then their is the next series called the : warrior power of three; so far only containg two books: the sight and the dark river. Then their is a book called the secret of the clans which basically explains the secrets of the clans that the books dont explain to the readers. I havent exactly read that one yet butt i have read the rest. However if you start with the series you wont want to stop reading them. It is a heartstopping series. I love these books. If you need to contact me my email is Dont be afariad to contact. Luvers ya babeya!!!He He He.!!!!!!!
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