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Sunday, April 01, 2007

finding day's bottom by Candice Ransom

finding day's bottom
Yes, the title is written in lower-case letters (three simple words - but how intriguing). Perhaps it indicates the humbleness of the characters. No, I did not choose this book. The book beckoned me when I found out about the character of the caring grandfather. The importance of inter generational relationships is demonstrated throughout the story.

Jane-Ery's father dies in a tragic accident. She lives with her taciturn Mama. Grandpap comes to live with them. The best advice he ever gives is don't ever throw away a wish. "It might could come true." He also tells her, "You ain't got the patience of a newborn gnat". You might consider reading the book slowly to take in all the ambiance. The Blue Ridge Mountain is a very unique area. Flat-as-a-flittercake is just one of the wonderful sayings. Grandpap is very observant. Fallin' weather is predicted when he sees smoke goin' to the ground. A hazy ring around the moon and ripply clouds certainly means snow. If Grandpap thought everything is too quick, what would he think of today's pace? Jane-Ery thinks that she can't do anything to please her mama. She cries to Mama and explains that all Mama does is work and tells what chores have to be done.

Yes, I want to assure you that she does find day's bottom. If you like this book, you might check out any other book by this prolific author. However, if you like this particular setting, you might want to try Richard Chase's Grandfather Tales.

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