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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Book of Lies by James Moloney

The Book of Lies
When the newest boy for Mrs. Timmins's Orphan and Foundling Home finally wakes up, he can't remember his name and has no memory where he came from. A very strange girl named Bea, always hiding in the shadows, tells him that a strange book owned by the wizard has the answer to his problem. She gives him this clue, your real name is Marcel.

With this knowledge, and help from three new friends, Marcel begins a quest to find his real, true identity. All of which is kept hidden in the Book of Lies. He must steal the book, flee the wizard, and learn what the book contains before it is too late. The thing is Marcel, begins to wonder it the book's magical truth is really just a bunch of lies.

In mortal danger Marcel and his friends race against time to prove what they have come to know as the absolute truth. Pitted against them man and beast trying to alter the future of Elstenwyck. They must make the King listen to all that has transpired, then get him to act against the evil that is against them. Will he listen to the voices of his own children?

I enjoyed the adventure and will be waiting for a second book to come out!

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