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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thor's Wedding Day by Bruce Coville

Thor's Wedding Day
This book is for people who abhor mythology.
This book is for people who adore mythology.
This book is for everyone!
The comedic value makes it a perfect introduction to mythology. Bruce Coville has uniquely transformed a poem into an entire novel. Many are familiar with the fact that Thor is the god of thunder, but his thunderous voice resonates when his hammer is stolen. He has to dress up as a bride in order to disguise himself. Thrym, a giant, stole the hammer in hopes of exchanging it for goddess Freya's hand in marriage.
The story is told through the prospective of Thialfi, the goat boy. The two goats, Gat-Tooth and Grinder, provide hilarious banter. Thialfi also has to dress as a girl to fool the giants. Thialfi demonstrates his courage and common sense as he attends to Thor throughout the story.
Thor's Wedding Day appeal ranges from age 8 to age 12.
This is a perfect example of the usefulness of audio books. Used in conjunction with the book, the audio book supplies pronunciation without having to stop and research the pronunciation. The audio tape truly adds to the entire atmosphere. Just hearing the voice of the goats is worth using the audio. Every voice is portrayed by a different person. Bruce Coville's company for the audio books is called Full Cast. I call it a full cast of characters!

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