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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Traitor King by Todd Mitchel

Traitor KingDarren and Jackie Mananann always thought that their family was more than a little strange. While on vacation to visit their Uncle Will they uncover a mystery that proves what they have believed all along. Everything is not what it seems, Uncle Will has gone missing and they need to find him before it is too late!

Fortunately he left a note: Stepped out for a bit...some things came up. Help yourself to anything in the frig.
Please put fresh milk and crackers by the windowsill daily. If I am not back in a few days, return the book on my desk to the library and water the plants. Good to see you all again. --William

The note was a clue or contained a clue but first they would have to get it away from the adults to examine it. As it was Jackie stole the note from Aunt Teeny's pocket. Claiming they wanted to unpack, Darren and Jackie go up to their room to examine the note. What they found was that the not contained a P.S. on the back.
P.S.: All activities to proceed as usual.
Every summer when they cam up to Uncle Will's he would leave clues and they would search for hidden things. That is when they decided that Uncle Will must be the missing thing and the note a clue to help find him. But where to start?? They searched Uncle Will's room next to try and locate the next clue, but came up empty. Finally they tried Uncle Will's study where the only thing of import was his overdue library book. Bingo! They asked for permission to visit the library to return the very same book. At the library they found unusual things, things that once seemed ordinary...books, librarians, even cassette tapes are not what they think. How will they find the clues to unravel the secret that spans two very different worlds?

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