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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Archer's Quest by Linda Sue Park

Archer's Quest
Hey, 9 to 12 year-old readers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does homework always go well for you?
Kevin is at home attempting to do his homework. A man appears out of nowhere. Not only does he has to contend with the man, but also with the bow and arrows of this strange intruder. This is definitely not a dream. Kevin figures out that this is a time-portal phenomenon. Koh Chu-mong is an appropriate name which translate from Koren as "skillful archer". As the day proceeds, Kevin refers to him as "Archie" and Chu-mong calls him "Little Frog". Chu-mong quickly gives Kevin the name Little Frog because of his loquaciousness. Kevin doesn't mean to be rude; he just asks questions to find answers.
Legend has it that Chu-mong was destined to be a leader. He was born in 55 B.C. and founded what is now Korea. However, he was not the first born and his father tried to have him killed. Kevin truly is interested in Chu-mong not only because of his shared Koren heritage, but also because of his empathy to get Chu-mong back. Kevin really doesn't get help from anyone. Professor Lee tries to give guidance. Kevin can't say too much in order not to have the identity of Chu-mong discovered.
One thing that makes this book compelling is that it occurs all in one day. Leave it to Linda Sue Park to pull off that feat. Yes, Linda Sue Park - the author of When My Name Was Keoko, A Single Shard, Project Mulberry and others. Linda Sue Park sprinkles in tidbits of history and demonstrates focus, respect and calmness. She effortlessly weaves an inter-generational storyline which will be enjoyed a long time.

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