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Friday, August 10, 2007

First Light by Rebecca Stead

First Light
Peter lived in New York City, along with his parents. It was just around his 12th birthday that he began to have strange and unusual headaches. He neglected to tell his mother about them but kept track in a small notebook just the same. When his father came home from work and proposed that they spend the rest of the school year as a family in Greenland, Peter could not believe his luck.

Thea had lived in Gracehope under a huge glacier in Greenland. Ice was everywhere and furs were needed to keep warm. Travel about the city was easy considering everyone learned to skate at an early age. Thea had never seen the sun, she became obsessed with the idea that there might be a way to access the surface. One dark night she and her cousin, Mattias began their journey to the surface.

Two extremely different worlds are about to collide and the result may just be cataclysmic. Each one searching for the truth but will they be able to handle the results?

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