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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cat Master

The Cat Master
The Cat Master, written by Bonnie Pemberton, is somewhat reminiscent of Erin Hunter's Warrior Series. In Pemberton's book a once-feral cat, Buddy, is contacted by the dying Cat Master through mental telepathy (mind-talk) - informing Buddy that he is the new Cat Master. Jett, Buddy's littermate (brother) interferes with the message. Buddy has ended up living with humans as an "indoor" because of the injuries Jett caused during their last encounter that took place a couple of years before. A human boy rescued Buddy, and from then on Buddy lived with the human and two younger cats, Zekkie and Pris.

Jett finds Buddy and decides to take back the position he feels Buddy is stealing from him. In the process Jett intends to cause harm to those Buddy loves.

As in the Warrior series there are other creatures who play roles in the plot - an opposum, mocking birds, a lizard, and two dogs. This is a fairly quick paced story, the ending is predictable - but the way there is not at all predicitable. Lessons on honesty (with others as well as oneself), the virtue of working with others toward a common goal (whether one understands or not), and caring for others enough to do the right thing even if it causes harm to oneself are apparent here. The author seems to understand personality types, and gives the cats and other animals in The Cat Master believable characteristics. I found The Cat Master to be an easy, enjoyable book to read, and would suggest it for cat people fifth grade and up.

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