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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Edward's Eyes

Edward's Eyes
Edward's Eyes, written by Patricia MacLachlan, is a family story of joy, chaos, and sadness as told by Jake (Edward's older brother). When Edward first came home with his parents from the hospital, he was immediately placed in Jake's lap. Jake is only three years old when he meets Edward, looks into Edward's eyes, and knows tha Edward means something to him that no one else ever will. It is a story of family times - playing baseball, singing, more baseball and other good times. Edward believes that fireworks are needed for all celebrations, no matter how small. Jake taught all he knew to Edward, and more. He taught him to read. He taught Edward to play baseball.

In time Maeve and Jack, the parents, have another child. Edward knows, as only Edward can, that this time it will be a girl, and her name will be Sabine. This baby belongs to Edward, as Edward was Jake's.

Then comes a tragedy. Jake, and the family must survive through the loss of Edward. Even in the face of the terrible accident Edward gives back and a dream is achieved. His family donates his organs. Edward's eyes go to a young minor leaguer who's eyes are going bad . . .

In the story Edward's Eyes, MacLachlan has written of tragedy that turns into hope for another person. One person's loss, Jake's, means hope for another, the ballplayer who's eyes were going bad. A very thoughtful story that touches deeply into the reader's heart.

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