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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Mischief Monster by Bruce Coville

The Mischief Monster
Edward's good friend, Moongobble becomes a full magician. Edward thought that boring times were ahead. Edward finds Snelly - or Snelly finds Edward. She is a runaway from the queen of mischief monsters. Edward and his friends must return Snelly to her home immediately or her mom might start a mischief war. Fireball, a dragon that fits on Edward's shoulder, comes along to assist. Also on the adventure is Urk, a toad that was transformed during a spell into a pink cat.
It takes a lot of courage to get Snelly home because she doesn't want to go back and monster lurk about. They eventually return Snelly to her mother. The queen mom looks just like her daughter except in a much larger size. They have matching fangs, bulging eyes, and sprouts of hair growing out their ears. The queen is somewhat grateful for the return of her daughter. She really wants her prince-to-be returned. She promises to turn the cat back into a toad if they find the prince-to-be. She assumes that he was stolen by the great enemy known as Oggledy Nork , the creature on the far side of Monster Mountain.
This is one of Bruce Coville's most recent books. What a surprise that his wife drew the amazing illustrations. What a surprise that this is number four in the Moongobble and Me series. No, you don't have to read them in sequence! The Dragon of Doom, The Weeping Werewolf, and The Evil Elves are the others in the series. Let the adventures continue!!!

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