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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Peter and the Secret of Rundoon - written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Peter and the Secret of RundoonWhat a great finish to the Starcatchers Trilogy! In Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Peter and Molly meet again. Once more they are pitted against the evil shadow, Lord Ombra. Readers gain a clear understanding of who the "Others" are and the evil plans they have. Additional characters are also evil and crazed with their quest for power. Lord Ombra has partnered with a mad scientist, Glotz, and the ego-driven, King Zarboff the Third. Peter and Molly struggle to save themselves, Molly's father, and the whole planet.

Peter's origins, his parents, are revealed. He has a very important and direct connection to the Starcatchers, closer than readers might have imagined from the two previous books in this trilogy.

The Mollusk tribe is also in danger in this story, as the Scorpions (a very dangerous and violent tribe from another island) overrun the island.

Interesting partnerships develop as Peter, Molly, the Starcatchers, Captain Hook and his pirates, and the Mollusks all fight to regain the status quo. This book, indeed the whole Starcatchers Trilogy, provides an excellent prequel to the classic story of Peter Pan. I intend on rereading the original now that I know "more" about the characters.

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