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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What the Dickens the Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy by Gregory Maguire

What the Dickens
Right in the middle of a terrific storm, Dinah's parents go missing leaving them with their older cousin, Gage, who Dinah thought didn't even know what was what. No food, no power and nothing to do through the long dark night, Gage begins to tell a story about the skibbereen known only to people as the tooth fairies. Yes there are more than one. Dinah and her brother are mare than a little skeptical.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, he was hatched. Not much to look at with limited skills. He was alone, in an empty tuna can discarded on the beach. He felt sick, his knees wobbled when he tried to stand. The can was partially open, light cam in through the crack. He could see a reflection of himself in the lid. He grinned at the sight thinking he was not alone at all. Back and forth smile for smile and just when this was beginning to feel old, the skiberdee's birthplace began to roll. Terrified he pushed against the edge of the can smacking right in the nose a curious cat.

When the cat meowed, the skiberdee meowed right back. On her tag the skiberdee saw the name McCavity. The skiberdee did not understand cats and thought himself to be in love with her. He thought his new friend was trying to rescue him. Suddenly the whole can was lifted up, the skiberdee fell against the bottom of the can, while the lid flipped up. There was a glaring light and a voice said"What the dickens...? A human hand shook the can tossing the skiberdee into the air where he landed in a clump of skunkweed. Thus began the education of the skiberdee who did not know what he was but became known as "what the dickens"...

To find out what becomes of this small, clumsy ineffective tooth fairy read the book. I promise you will not be sorry, I could not put it down, never the less I now know everything possible about tooth fairies, their jobs, how they live and what is really important to them. All this and more I learned from "what the dickens"

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