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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Aunt Nancy and the Bothersome Visitors

Aunt Nancy and the Bothersome Visitors
Aunt Nancy would welcome any visitor, but she has her limit. The first visitor is Old Man Trouble. She makes the most of a bad situation. When Old Man Trouble breaks her chair, she states that she is much obliged for now having kindling wood. She is wise and won't let Old Man
Trouble get the best of her.

The second visitor is Cousin Lazybones. He is so lazy that not even his shadow will follow him. Aunt Nancy knows what to do with a visitor who won't leave.

The third visitor is Old Woeful. Aunt Nancy could spot her coming a mile away. Old Woeful is so doleful that she has a permanent raincloud over her head. Aunt Nancy will not put up with the negativity.

The last visitor is Mister Death. Mister death thinks that he is so slick. Aunt Nancy knows how to trick him.

These four trickster tales will make a wonderful family read-aloud. Phyllis Root gives a precious voice to Aunt Nancy. The writing remains consistent throughout the four chapters. Aunt Nancy is one of those positive, self-reliant characters that won't let anything get her down. Let's hope that more visitors come knocking at her door.

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