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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Land of the Silver Apples

Land of the Silver Apples
Land of the Silver Apples, written by Nancy Farmer, is the sequel to The Sea of Trolls. This is a continuation of the adventures of Jack, an apprentice bard. As the story begins it is St. Lucy's Day, the day that the wheel of the year is to turn. The time when the frost giants go back to the mountains and the door between this world and the next is closed.
Jack's sister, Lucy, is unlike Jack, his mother, or even his father. She is fair, with golden hair - while they are darker in skintone and hair. Lucy claims she is a lost princess.
Something goes awry at the St. Lucy's Day ceremony. This begins the adventure. Lucy is stolen by the Lady of the Lake and taken to Elfland (along with all the drinkable water in St. Filian's Well). Jack must follow and attempt to rescue his "sister." The truth of Lucy's origin is revealed. The whereabouts of Jack's real sister (stolen, not by fairies, but by hobgoblins) is also revealed. Jack is joined once more by Thorgil, a northern berserker, and by new friends on his quest- Pega (a freed slave), The Bugaboo and Nemisis (Hobgoblins), and Brutus (the heriditary, but displaced, ruler of Din Guardi).
This story takes place at a time when belief in magic and the old gods are in conflict with the new religion,Christianity, in early Britain. Farmer enlarges the story she began in The Sea of Trolls, but doesn't complete it. Another installment, the conclusion, is due in 2009. The Islands of the Blessed is one to look forward to.

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