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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech

The Castle Corona
Far above the banks of the winding river, was a castle that rose majestically into the clouds, the Castle Corona. In this castle lived a royal family who were rich and spoiled, while down below lived two peasants, poor and pitiful. Pia the young girl, watched out for her younger brother, Enzio.

So it was that one day, the poor peasants were filling buckets for their Master, that they saw someone being chased by the King's men. They saw the thief throw something into the woods beyond, just escaping in time. Pia and Enzio entered the woods to find amongst the leaves a brown leather pouch with the King's seal.

Castle Corona was home to King Guido, Queen Gabrellia and their three children. Poor peasants often wondered and wished that they lived in such luxury. But sometimes the royals wished that they were poor, anonymous peasants with no one to tell them what to do.

Then without warning Pia and Enizo are snatched up brought to the Castle to live as tasters for the royal family. Never had Pia and Enizo had so much food, a real bed or free time. They hid the brown leather pouch in a special tree where only they would be able to find it...

What about the hermits? The King has his own, the Queen has her own...
Don't forget the Wordsmith! His part was exceptional in the stories he told, and solving the mystery thief.

This book is all over the place an jumps from 1 story to another. But somewhere in the middle it all starts to come together. And its a pretty good book all around.
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