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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bird Lake Moon by Kevin Henkes

Bird Lake Moon
Summer is a great time to read this book. Summer is suppose to be a great time for children. Twelve-year-old Mitch is spending the summer at Bird Lake. Mitch finds out that his parent are getting a divorce. His mother makes plans for the two of them to spend the summer with his maternal grandparents. Mitch has a lot of adjustments to make.
He considers the people that arrive next door intruders. Who comes to the cabin is a family - complete with a father, mother, daughter and son (also a dog). Mitch soon discovers that the family is not as perfect as it appears. They lost a son who drowned in that lake. Mitch and the surviving son, Spencer, become friends and can eventually talk about what happened. Lolly, Spencer's sister, mentions that at least she doesn't have FMS (Fear of Missing Something). Mitch's mother declares that inarticulateness is the language of men and boys.
The more time Spencer and Mitch talk things out, the more they both begin to heal. Lolly is not an annoying sister just thrown into the story. She is a level-headed character with high emotional intelligence even though she is the youngest person in the story. One unique aspect of this recent book by Kevin Henkes is the title of the chapters. He alternated each chapter with the names of the boys. This is a great anytime read for children ages eight to eleven.

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